Message from the Executive Director

Block Institute truly is an exceptional place for exceptional people. This statement is true of both the individuals participating in our various programs as well as our caring, committed and loyal staff. People are what make Block Institute “The Institute of Possibilities.” Everyday we witness what individuals can achieve when they combine the right opportunity and care with their own hard work and determination.

Through the efforts of our dedicated staff, state-of-the art programs and treatments, community involvement and the generosity of individuals and organizations within the private sector, we help individuals with developmental disabilities bring out their potential. The opening of our newest school, Block Academy, provides additional educational options for Brooklyn families and allows for the continued growth of our preschool, school age and integrated children’s services through programs that will serve as many as 160 more children annually.

While the current economy certainly gives us pause for concern, we continue to plan responsibly and strategically, committed to our mission to help individuals with developmental disabilities to lead more fulfilling lives.

The future has never been brighter, as we have just surpassed our 50th year anniversary. In 1962, our founders could not have envisioned cell phones or laptop computers, but they had the foresight to know that in an educational environment based on kindness, respect and encouragement every individual can flourish. Fifty years from now, who knows what technological advancements we will see, but it is certain that the tremendous potential within each individual will continue to be ignited when exceptional people work together.

Scott L. Barkin, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Block Institute