Residential Services

Welcome to Block Institute: A Place to Call Home!

Our mission is clear and close to our hearts: to create exceptional residential homes where individuals with developmental disabilities thrive. Beyond just homes, we’re about fostering independence and weaving everyone into the vibrant fabric of the community. Dive into our array of living options, including the warm embrace of Intermediate Care Facilities (ICFs) and the personalized touch of Individual Residential Alternatives (IRAs).

But there’s more to our story. We’re not just about a roof overhead; we’re about holistic care. Our Adult Residential department stands as a fortress of support. Think medical care, nourishment, psychological well-being – it’s all there. Our commitment extends to health, safety, and the emotional equilibrium of each individual we’re honored to serve.

Step into our residential homes and meet the dream team – an interdisciplinary force that’s like a symphony of care. Picture the Residence Manager, Assistant Manager, Nurse, Behavior Intervention Specialist, Individualized Supportive Specialist, Direct Support Professionals, Parents/Guardians/Correspondents, and an ensemble of clinical experts.

Together, they’re all about tuning into unique needs, crafting customized plans, and tracking incredible progress. Located in the heart of Gravesend, Brooklyn, we’re a beacon of care that lights up South Brooklyn. Join us in building a community where everyone belongs and every heart finds a home.