Unique Programs

Block Institute is pleased to offer several unique programs that enable us to enhance the educational, developmental and therapeutic services we provide to children with special needs from ages three through eight years and adults with developmental disabilities who are over age 18

Aquatics — Trained therapists and staff work with our youth and adult populations in our Aquatic Center which is equipped with a heated, fully accessible swimming pool. Our Aquatics program provides a unique therapeutic experience for those in our care.

Theater Arts — Block Institute, in partnership with Brooklyn-based Genesis Repertory Ensemble, offers individuals in our programs opportunities to experience theater arts. The program offers the opportunity to attend and participate in productions by Genesis Repertory Ensemble, staged in our 350-seat auditorium. Individuals also have access to study theater arts with members of Genesis and participate in theatrical productions as either cast or crew.

Pals with Paws — Pet Assisted Therapy — Introduced in 2009 Block Institute's unique Pals with Paws Pet Assisted Therapy Program integrates specially-trained dogs into the Block experience. Working with trained and certified pet therapy handlers, the dogs are used in educational and therapeutic capacities with children and adults in classroom settings and one-on-one. The dogs are also integrated into our adult programs, helping individuals learn the responsibilities of animal care.

Mobile Crew — Our Mobile Crew program employs individuals with disabilities in a supported, community-based work environment. Mobile Crews are contracted through Block Institute by local businesses for work such as street cleaning. Block Institute trains and manages the Mobile Crew teams and provides oversight for the quality of the services performed and the safety of the employees.