How Do I Qualify

In order to receive Clinical Services through Block Institute, an individual must meet certain program criteria. The criteria for program acceptance includes developmental disability with an onset prior to age 22 such as a diagnosis on the Autism Spectrum (Autism, Aspergers, Pervasive Developmental Disability); mild, moderate, severe or profound Intellectual Disability; Cerebral Palsy; Down Syndrome; or Neurological Impairment. The individual applying for program acceptance must have insurance. The clinic accepts third party, Medicare, and Medicaid. It is required that all applicants have a Medical and PPD good within one year (this can be provided if not current), and have psychological and psychosocial evaluations identifying their developmental disability. If you do not have a psychological or psychosocial, the clinic can conduct both of these evaluations for enrollment. If applicable, a Program Plan good within one (1) year should be submitted with your referral packet. (Examples of such are CCS/ISP/IEP; CFA; IPP; or Letter from a Caseworker with required information). Services are provided at our two clinic sites located at 6701 Bay Parkway and 2214 Stillwell Ave in Brooklyn, New York. Additionally we provide services at an individuals private residence, IRA supported apartment, or day program provided there is medical necessity. Medical services can be provided to individuals who live in an ICF or attend a Day Treatment program; however the clinic MUST ascertain a separate contract between the program’s agency and the clinic.

Intake Coordinator: 718 – 947-3250
Address: 2214 Stillwell Avenue • Brooklyn, New York 11223
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