Our Team of Professionals

The Clinical Service team regards each individual with integrity and respect, supporting self-advocacy in treatment, while consistently evaluating progress under care of Block provided clinicians. It is comprised of the Medical Director, Clinic Administrator, Licensed Psychologist, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, in house medical consultants, and Treatment Coordinators. Together we review each individual case in order to maintain a personal level of understanding for how to best treat an individual’s diagnosis utilizing our whole person approach model. With emphasis placed on the sociological, environmental, biological, psychological, and individual factors of the person being reviewed, this dedicated team uses a system of checks and balances to determine variances impacting treatment, ensuring the right treatment is performed at the highest level of effectiveness. Block Institute’s clinic convenes on a monthly basis providing quality assurance. We are committed to doing our best to help individuals succeed in their therapeutic objectives and progress to living a healthier lifestyle, allowing each person to fully participate as a member of their community.


  • N.I.B.B.L.E.S (Nutritional Innovation Based on a Balanced Lifestyle, Education and Support)

Urgent Care Team