ISS Housing Subsidy

We at Block Institute pride ourselves on our ability to support individuals with Developmental Disabilities and their families in a multitude of ways. As part of the supports provided at Block Institute, we provide a rent subsidy program called ISS (Individual Supports and Services). The ISS Housing Subsidy is designed to support income-eligible individuals with developmental disabilities who choose to live in their communities. These individuals must be financially and legally responsible lease holders for their apartment. Individuals are expected to contribute approximately 30% of their countable income towards housing costs. The ISS Housing Subsidy pays the difference up to the maximum allowable. ISS works similarly to other government funded housing subsidies, such as the Federal Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8 Program).

Finding an apartment in NYC to use a rent subsidy like ISS is the hard part. So in partnership with a housing developer and OPWDD, Block Institute is proud to introduce the Fountain Seaview apartment complex. This special project has made affordable housing units available to people who qualify for independent living under OPWDD. These are community integrated, studio and one bedroom apartments in brand new buildings in the East New York area of Brooklyn.

How to Apply

Interested applicants and their Care Managers should first ensure that they are eligible for OPWDD's ISS Housing Subsidy. Care Managers must send a "Part 1" ISS request to OPWDD on the individual's behalf requesting that the person be considered for ISS eligibility. After the person has received a conditional approval letter from OPWDD, they can start looking for an apartment with any ISS provider, or they can apply for an apartment at Fountain Seaview through Block Institute. People who have been approved for a housing subsidy through Self-Direction or who are approved for OPWDD services and have FHEPS or CityFHEPS vouchers are also eligible for a unit at Fountain Seaview.

Applications can be requested by sending an email to or calling the ISS office at 347-287-9060. After an application has been received, along with all supporting documentation, an applicant will be invited to an initial screening meeting. Following the screening with the Block Institute ISS Housing team, applicants will need to follow the standard application process for an affordable housing unit with the building's management company. Block Institute will be the ISS applicant's liaison throughout the process to ensure the submission of financial documents to the management company goes smoothly. Once the management company approves the applicant for a lease, Block Institute will assist the ISS recipient with their lease signing.

Fountain Seaview Apartments

The videos and photos below are of Studio and 1 Bedroom apartments at the Fountain Seaview apartment complex. Actual apartment layouts and sizes will vary based on building, floor, and price. Please note that all Fountain Seaview apartments are smoke-free and do not allow pets.

Contact us

For inquiries regarding the Fountain Seaview apartments, please contact the ISS Housing team at or 347-287-9060.